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Things are so great, thanks to alcohol....

Not sure who's still reading thing, but if you're interested, I will update on what I've been up to.

This bike has already died. I got it for free, and in the few weeks that I owned him, I broke the chain, replaced the chain, then had the derailleur get pulled into the back wheel (yes, I was changing gears going uphill. I suck, okay?) and then locked the totally broken bike to a sign post on the side of the road, came back in the morning and practically carried the damned thing back to my apartment in the hopes of fixing it, which didn't entirely work out, but man, it was fun unscrewing things and making the whole thing fall apart. I managed to take the derailleur cog? off and extricate it from the back wheel, and bashed at the wheel until it would move forward and backwards again.
Umm, anyway, that bike didn't last long. And when I finally put him in the back alley, another bike was lined up for donation. Yeah, I am the person who will take all of your old stuff. It's like charity, but sadder.
So my new bike is a 1993 Rocky Mountain Fusion. It has quick-release everything and clip pedals and some crazy wheels that are titanium or something. I brought it in for a tune up a few weeks ago, and am planning on learning all there is to know about how a bike works. The bike is in great condition, considering it was someone's commuter bike for 15 years, and then sat dormant in a bike locker for two more... And now, I get to find all of the fun equipment needed for cycling in Vancouver, including rain gear, panniers, etc.

Cycling to work most days has been very interesting, as it feels like it should be a decent substitute for running but alas, it has not turned out that way. However, with the weather turning colder and wetter, running has been set aside for the time being. The rain hasn't deterred me from cycling to work, but the snow has been kind of terrible. The few days we had snow, I tried my very best to get to work and home, but without goggles, the snowflakes stung my eyes like a million tiny ninja stars. Not great, when you're already trying to see through the weird weather and hoping that you won't slide to your death on some patch of black ice.

On top of this new hobby, I've been struggling to keep my weight down. The culprit behind my newly less-fit self is: surprise, surprise, alcohol. I've developed a real passion for making cocktails since my trip to Portland and a taste of the incredible New Fashioned at Victory Bar. Initially, I wanted to make the cinnamon bitters that they use in that cocktail, but over time, I found that I enjoyed making all cocktails, and started to put together a baby bar. Since then, I've been enjoying the occasional Vesper and Manhattan... okay, every night. It's not that occasional, really.

And finally, I'm having a cocktail party this coming Sunday, which should be interesting as every person I invited was enthusiastic about the idea. I love the idea that we'll all we getting smashed on a Sunday afternoon, but part of me worries about the stability of my less than 500 square feet apartment's floor.

Anyway, all of these things, and my impending search for an apartment with *TM* are the biggest things happening right now. Residents in my building have been benefitting from my constant purges, as I've been dumping things like mugs, movies, stationery and books in my building's lobby for the last few months. Everything has been picked up within minutes of me putting it down there with a sign that says "Free!" Even things that I wouldn't pick up myself have been taken almost immediately. It makes me feel very good, to be getting rid of stuff that I don't need or use and to have it immediately taken by hoarders or whatever other weird people live in my building. Hopefully, my stuff won't contribute to someone's untimely death when their own massive stockpile of useless crap falls over on them.

As you can probably tell, I've had a few drinks tonight.


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Nov. 23rd, 2011 04:37 pm (UTC)
Nov. 25th, 2011 08:47 am (UTC)
Awww. Love you, too. So sad that we only had that one night to hang out. Hope to get out there soon. *hug*
Nov. 25th, 2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
I think I'll probably be out there again in January -- we're still working out the baptism date of the new sprog but I'm supposed to be godmother so I think I'll be there whenever it happens!
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