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Day off yesterday. I actually gave my shift away, under the pretense that I wasn't feeling well (I wasn't) and needed some time away from work in order to feel better.

Something is going around; a good number of my friends are feeling ill or have caught pneumonia, and I am trying desperately to avoid getting sick. The day off was nice, as I spent a lot of time dicking around on the computer and playing Bejeweled, but at around 3:00, I started getting antsy. So I went for a 9K run.

Okay, so that wasn't part of the "resting" plan, but damn, I felt good afterward.

Actually, it was fortunate that I waited until the afternoon to go, because all day, it was pouring outside. At 3:00, though, the rain stopped, the clouds brightened up with some sun, and I was able to run around in some very fresh air.

So. This year, I decided to sign up for both the Sun Run (because I love running in the middle of the road) and the Scotiabank Half Marathon. I need to get myself from running the occasional 6-10K to 21K by June. I think it's totally do-able, since I felt ready to run even further yesterday, but didn't know how far I'd gone already.

It's still a bit shocking to me, to be running quite so much. Yesterday's run was a bit of a random stretch, and I went without bringing any sort of emergency backup plan like a bus pass or cellphone. I guess at this point running a few more kilometres just doesn't seem like that much.

If you're wondering (though I doubt you are), I did indeed pack all of my running stuff on my trip to Europe. I ran along the strip of Shoreham where numerous houseboats (along with a converted German minesweeper!) lined the Adur River. I also went through the Vondelpark twice, and was drenched and stung by a million fat raindrops and a barrage of hailstones on the second day. It was fantastic.

Right. So this year (as usual), no New Years Resolutions, just more of the same.


Had a man ask me if we carried bottled water today. I pointed out where it was, and he held it up, asking "Is this good for children?"

"Um. It's water."

Seriously? What else was I supposed to say?

Having passed up the chance to spend New Year's Eve in a hot tub on Saltspring Island, I felt I had to really throw myself into doing something fun rather than just being hung over in the morning. Luckily, we had the Doctor Who Christmas special to watch (along with various episodes of Top Gear (the UK one). Actually, it was a lot of fun, considering we were also getting through a bottle of port and a bottle of prosecco. Don't judge me. In the morning, *TM*'s local pub was doing a free mimosa for people who showed up in their pajamas New Year's Day, so I rounded up (about half of) my breakfast club and we headed over.

It's nice wearing your pajamas in public, especially when there are large groups doing it with you. As we left breakfast, another group who had even gone so far as shower caps cheered us on. The trio of guys with us all had housecoats on, and our assortment of spaceships, penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs-printed flannel went over well with a lot of the people we saw on the street.

After breakfast, we headed to Firefly and bought some more champagne in preparation for an afternoon of drinking mimosas and watching the entire Die Hard series. I'll admit, I only had enough in me for the first two movies. They were awesome, but there is a limit to the amount of shootings and explosions I am able to watch.

Finally, I arrived home at around 8:00, thought about going for a run but saw that it was minus two and felt like minus six or seven with the wind chill. Drank the rest of a bottle of Malbec (that's right, by myself) while cleaning up the apartment.

Sorry there hasn't been more posting going on. Perhaps this will be the year that I have more to say...

Happy New Year, everyone!

Home at last.

Returned yesterday from three incredible weeks in Europe.

The weather was better than we could have hoped for (for instance, it rained a total of 2 days out of 14 while we were in England - in October!), the flights to and from Gatwick were cramped and full of screaming babies and kids but somehow cheerful, the food was mostly fantastic and we didn't suffer from jet lag or even catch any colds.

*TM* and I are the best travellers ever!

Countdown to vacation!

Packing my fantastic (more-or-less) new suitcase for a three week vacation in Europe. In about two weeks I hope to be running around the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. I hope to do some running in the UK as well, but we'll see if I have any energy left after all the museums and pubs we're going to see.

Sorry I've been so sporadic. Things have been a bit crazy leading up to this point. Expect a lot of photos.

Overheard yesterday: "My boyfriend tells me I need to get myself a blog that no one can find so that I can write down all of the things I'm thinking..."


No, one should never think "Nothing ever happens to me", especially when staring at a neglected LJ.

In which something happens to meCollapse )

Living it up on a long weekend.

It's funny what one can choose to do on a day off.

Originally, I was going to:

- wake up at noon
- have breakfast/lunch at a local diner
- go for a run
- do a few loads of laundry
- head out to a birthday party

What really happened was:

- woke up at 9:00
- made myself a pot of coffee
- started poking around in my bookcase
- decided to do a major cull of books
- starting poking around in my coffee/tea cabinet
- did a major cull of coffee/tea
- reorganized all of my dishes into different cabinets
- sorted through all of the tupperware I own and culled a huge bag of plastics
- did two loads of laundry
- culled the penguin population by about 30%
- ate some leftovers

So now I have a bag full of miscellaneous teas, a bag of penguins and an overflowing box of books to give away. Also, a bunch of plates, mugs and traveller mugs to find a new home for.

So much for getting a restful day off. =P

In which I get even older.

29 this year. 10 years on LJ this July. 1st year anniversary with *TM* yesterday. April 15 marks the 5 year anniversary of the day I blacked out from drinking the night before, then was a borrowed partner at the store I am currently the Assistant Store Manager of now.

One of my regulars told me that he would not have guessed my age at anything above 25. Another regular boasted that she was 49 this year, and though we all marvelled at how youthful she looked, secretly, I thought that she looked exactly that age.... which is why I can't care too much about someone who tells me I look 21 or so.

Lots of people, including a trio of regulars who always have their own cups gave me very hearty "Happy Birthday!"s this morning. I was very touched.

Yesterday, it was a 19-year old vintage port followed by pepper steaks with fries and garlic aioli at theSmoking Dog Bistro. Tonight... Chambar.

Right now, Tripel Karmeliet. (Come on, I have to party a little bit by myself. I went to work today, after all... )

I kind of feel like I'm still flying. I guess 8% alcohol beers can do that when you have an empty stomach.
I wrote this a while ago and have decided that I like it.


She wept, but not for long. Instead, she wiped away her tears, and began the laborious task of collecting the strewn debris that had once been her uncle. A grey hat. A pair of binoculars. A spring.

He stood in front of the door, warding her off with one paw while trying to block her way with the other.

“Fuck off, Brain!” she shouted, pushing the cowering dog aside.

Dr. Claw's back was to her. He was watching something on a small monitor, but she couldn't make out what it was. Some henchmen, perhaps. A robbery in progress. He was talking to himself in a terrifying, thunderous voice that sent chills up her spine. Creeping up behind him, her eyes strained in the darkness to the logo on the high-backed chair. His voice resonated through the leather, piercing her heart with its otherworldly growl.

Penny stared at the word: MAD. Her eyes narrowed as she pressed the barrel of the gun into the centre of the logo and unloaded the entire magazine into the figure on the other side.

Happy Monday, everybody.



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